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Caral Automotive announce the Lotus Esprit V8 conversion using the GM LS3 V8 engine, Getrag 6 speed gearbox and re-styled interior, click on the image below for more information......

Caral Automotive manufacturer the Caral VXS-Sport a high performance sportscar based on an aluminium monocoque chassis and either the Hartley 2.8l V8 engine or GM 2.8l V6 turbo charged engine and six speed transaxle clothed in lightweight composite bodywork.

We also manufacture a range of conversions for modifying the Lotus Esprit and Elise / Exige models, using a range of longitudinally mid-mounted Vee engines and transaxles.

Caral VX S-Sport

Lotus 111 Series

Lotus Esprit



For more information please email us at mailto:sales@caral.co.uk or phone us on 01462 711850 to discuss your requirements.