We developed the GM LS engine and Getrag gearbox package for use in the Lotus Esprit model. This offers Esprit owners a 420bhp engine coupled to a 6 speed gearbox for the first time.

Also available for the S1 Elise and Exige conversions the LS engine is an affordable, lightweight and reliable package with great power and torque and a huge range of power upgrades available off the shelf.

We are able to source engines directly from GM along with the factory developed engine management system so avoiding expensive set up costs whilst giving peace of mind and enhanced reliability.

All aluminium construction gives a very lightweight of only 175 kgs and its rugged and simple design gives very small packaging requirements fitting into a cube 600mm long x 600mm wide x 600mm high. No other engine comes close in the price range.

This engine and gearbox package is also available for fitment in your own project, using our adaptor plates, choice of single or twin plate AP Racing clutch and mini torq style starter motor. 

Please call to discuss your requirements.