Range Rover / Jaguar AJV8 Engines

Based on the development of the Jaguar 4.2l V8 engine for the VXS Sport cars, Caral Automotive are able to offer this fanatastic engine and/or Getrag 6 speed close ratio gearbox as a turn key package.

Kits include Range Rover/Jaguar engine assembly complete with supercharger, twin liquid to air intercoolers, flywheel, clutch, Getrag 6 speed gearbox and adaptor plate, engine loom and Caral engine management system.

With good quality new and used engines available the complete package makes a formidable option for the component car builder.


Race versions are also available based on normally aspirated engines, with capacity of up to 5 litres and 550bhp.

These high specification engines include all new pistons, crankshaft, and conrods plus dry sump lubrication, Motorsport ECU, tubular exhaust manifolds and high flow throttle body with cable control.

Engines are hot tested on the dyno to confirm power outputs, allowing fine tuning of engine calibration to be carreid out if required to suit local conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about these engines.