The Hartley H1V8 is an amazing powerplant based on mating two Suzuki Hayabusa cylinder heads onto a block machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminium.

This results in an engine with a truly outstanding specification, combining lightweight ( less than most 4 cylinder engines ) with exceptional power outputs ( we are fitting a 1000bhp version with twin turbos into a customer's Exige conversion) and motorbike style proportions.

The engine can be mated to either the Getrag or Porsche 997 6 speed gearboxes for road use or the Sadev SL90 6 speed sequential race box for off road use as shown in the CAD model below for our V8XS-Sport car.

Base specification is a 2.8l V8 normal aspirated engine producing 500bhp up to a twin turbo version capable of producing up to 1000bhp.